The Greater Exodus

The Greater Exodus


Dr. Asher's "The Greater Exodus" is a unique unveiling of a long-hidden End-Times prophecy which has been obscured from the multitudes it is meant for until he began openly teaching it in 1982. Since its publication, others have begun adopting their own variations of this prophetic truth, however, Dr. Asher's work on this subject continues to be the only original understanding sourced from the ancient Hebrew culture. As with all his work, this teaching is also void of any post-Mosaic religious dogma. The reader is assured, that the difference between this prophecies understanding, versus those which came after, is, that unlike all the known modern prophetic end-times theories, this simple and scriptural understanding is thoroughly provable point by point. Moreover, this prophecy proves to be the HOPE of the Eternal Creators absolute and unwavering provisions for His obedient people through those expected calamities. As Dr. Asher has taught for many years, there exists an everlasting biblical precept on which all Jews and Christians alike tend to agree. This precept is, "That God does NOT change!" Another often forgotten Torah precept is - "That which God has done with our ancestors, He will do again to their progeny." With these precepts in mind, "The Greater Exodus" reader is led down a path of new prophetic discovery, especially the Christian reader. All of God's original Instructions are eternal and unchanging, only man changes. All of God's original instructions were clearly provided, then, as man always does, he alters and recasts them. Through man's history in which this unfortunate process consistently duplicates itself, the Eternal Creator periodically sends His prophets in the hopes of ushering us back behind His fence of protection and provisions. The rediscovery of this ancient prophetic truth will show HOPE in place of FEAR, reining-in and providing a new and more original understanding for those who chase the prophetic adventures of our End-Times events. I give you, "The Greater Exodus."

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Dr Shmuel Asher Th D
Paperback | 244 pages
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18 May 2012
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